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Worlds are one of the main features of Blocksworld. They are how players' creations are organised.

All worlds contain a (map) terrain and can have blocks. ID 454533232446566777

Features of worlds[edit | edit source]

Each world has a title, description, picture, and up to three categories. Published worlds can acquire Likes from other players.

Building a world[edit | edit source]

Creating a new world[edit | edit source]

  1. From the main menu of Blocksworld, go to the build tab.
  2. Press the "Build a New World" tab.
  3. Choose a terrain.huhuhh4gt5huygr3tuyh3trg8hyt53h8yt5j8y45t8hy45tg8hy45tg8y45gthy85n8yy4f3n3rbtijn3rtb8nu3rbtn8u3r8utnb3r8butn3rb8tjnbu3rnjt3runbjt

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