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Speak HD.png

Speak is a general action. It is used in the script of any block to display a speech bubble with text.

Speak has one parameter: the text that is displayed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The user can edit the text that is displayed.

After being triggered, a speech bubble displaying the text appears in the GUI. The bubble is always fully within view (although sometimes blocked by buttons), even if the block that triggered the action is not within view. The bubble then stays visible for approximately five seconds, and then it disappears. Any actions after the Speak action will only trigger after Speak is completed. A speech bubble with buttons only disappears when a button is pressed.

Hidden blocks can display speech bubbles.

A single block can display a maximum of one speech bubble at a time. Triggering a new bubble overwrites the first.

Speech bubbles will cover the UI icons but not the UI text.

The default text in a Speak action is "Hello!"

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Speak action is primary way to display text in a world.

Buttons[edit | edit source]

Clickable buttons can be created using the following syntax:


(Displays a button labeled text)

Buttons can be configured to trigger a signal when pressed:


(where signal is a letter from A to I)

Some actions can also be triggered by buttons:

[Exit|stop] to exit the world and [Retry|restart] to restart

Dynamic Text[edit | edit source]

Any occurrences of /name/ in the Speak text is substituted with the username of the user playing the world.

See Also[edit | edit source]

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