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UI Radar I HD.png

The Radar Display block is an Action Block. It is used to track tagged objects on a mini-map which is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen in Play Mode.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Radar Display block can be attached to any other block using any of its six surfaces.

  • By default the Radar Display tracks all tags.

  • The Radar Display can be set to track only specified tags and center on a specific tag.

  • Only tags which are present in the world will be trackable, and Track actions will not appear on the build panel unless objects in the world are already tagged.

  • The Radar Display's onscreen UI can be displayed for gameplay purposes, or can be hidden from the player. Hiding the UI is done by adding the Hide UI tile to the Radar Display's Programming Window.

List of Scripting Tiles[edit | edit source]

Image Tile Name Description Parameter
Show UI Shows the Radar Display in the upper right hand corner of the screen in Play Mode N/A
Hide UI Hides the Radar Display from the upper right hand corner of the screen in Play Mode N/A
UI Text Creates a title above the Radar Display graphic Text Entry Field
Range Set the maximum distance that the Radar Display will track tags within Value (Slider)
Far Sight Shrinks tags on the edge of the Radar Display graphic as they pass the maximum range, without this action tracked tags will simply disappear from the Radar Display when outside max range N/A
Center On Sets a tag to center the radar on, note that this will pick the nearest selected tag to the Radar Display on start Mode Change (Click) - Swap between Tags
Track Conditional; specifies a tag to track, otherwise all tags will be tracked by default N/A

Usage[edit | edit source]

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