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Image Tile Name Description Parameter
Icon here Phantom Removes the block's collider Either single block or model.
Icon here Solid Reverts the block's collider to normal Either single block or model.

Phantom and Solid are General Actions that affect how the block (or model) collides with other blocks.

Phantom removes the block's collider, which prevents it from colliding with other blocks. Solid changes the collider back to solid.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Phantom blocks are fully visible and can move around normally.
  • Phantom blocks can pass through other blocks, but they do not pass through terrain.
  • Phantom and Solid are comparable with the other paired actions that affect an attribute: Freeze and Unfreeze; Hide and Appear.
  • Unlike Hide and Appear, the Phantom actions have no delay.
  • Phantom blocks cannot be dragged since dragging requires the collider.

As an action[edit | edit source]

Phantom removes the block's collider. Solid undoes Phantom.

As a condition[edit | edit source]

Phantom is True if the block is phantom. Solid is True if the block is solid.

History[edit | edit source]

Phantom and Solid were introduced in Blocksworld version 1.39.0 (January 2017)