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Missile Control Model HD.png

The Missile Controller is an Action Block that adds advanced controls to Missiles. It allows for ordered firing and reloading of different groups of missiles via Labels.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Missile Controller can be attached to any other block by any of its six surfaces.

  • The Missile Controller works with all missile-type objects ( Missile, Sidewinder Missile, and ICBM Missile ). Missile styles can be mixed and matched as desired. However, the Missile Controller, as well as all Missiles that are controlled by it, must be attached to the same model; a Missile Controller that is not attached to the same object as the missiles themselves will not interact with those missiles.

  • Missiles that are tagged using their Label actions (to create unique numbered groups of missiles) can be given group directions with the Missile Controller. This allows controlled firing of specific missile groups separately (for example, firing all missiles on a plane's left wing at the same time, or staggering fire from every other missile in a rack).

  • The Reload All action simply assigns the Reload action to each individual missile in the system; it does not force each missile to reload simultaneously. If this behavior is desired, it can be accomplished instead by sending one common Signal to the missiles that forces an individual Reload action on each.

List of Scripting Tiles[edit | edit source]

Image Tile Name Description Parameter
Chain Fire Fires the next missile group number in the Label sequence (with a definable amount of force/speed); firing begins with the lowest assigned group number and counts upward List parameter type
Reload All Causes each individual missile in the system to reload after firing List parameter type
All Gone Conditional; triggers user-defined behavior when all missiles in the system have been fired List parameter type
Lock On Creates a "Homing Missile" that turns toward the nearest block with the specified Tag (time slider controls how long the Missile flies after launch before starting to seek the Tagged block) Time (Slider)

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