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The ICBM Missile, or Missile 3, is an Action Block that detonates its explosive payload on impact. The ICBM Missile has multiple modes of operation, and can function as a straight-fire missile, a homing missile, or a dropped bomb.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The ICBM Missile can be attached to any other block by only one of its surfaces: its side connector plate. The ICBM Missile detaches from its parent block when fired.

  • The ICBM Missile has three distinct behavior modes, one of which can be selected by adding the appropriate Action tile to the Programming Window:
    • Missile Behavior causes the missile to fire straight ahead without tracking
    • Ballistic Behavior causes the missile to fire in a straight trajectory and then arc down toward the ground
    • Bomb Behavior causes the missile to drop straight toward the ground

  • Each ICBM Missile Behavior tile (Missile, Ballistic, and Bomb) can be clicked to set the ICBM Missile's explosive force with a Slider. This displays an inner red sphere and an outer white sphere. Blocks caught within the explosion's red sphere will always be destroyed; blocks caught within the white sphere may or may not be destroyed on a randomized basis.

  • Each ICBM Missile can be assigned to a unique numbered group using the Label tile. When used together with a Missile Controller Action Block, this allows controlled firing of specific missile groups separately (for example, firing all missiles on a plane's left wing at the same time, or staggering fire from every other missile in a rack).

List of Scripting Tiles[edit | edit source]

Image Tile Name Description Parameter
Missile Behavior Causes the ICBM Missile to fly in a straight line when fired Yield (Slider)
Ballistic Behavior Causes the ICBM Missile to fly forward for a short time, then be pulled down by gravity (an arcing trajectory) Yield (Slider)
Bomb Behavior Causes the ICBM Missile to fall straight down when fired Yield (Slider)
Fire Fires the ICBM Missile (with a definable amount of force/speed) Force (Slider)
Reload Reloads another ICBM Missile in the same spot as the original N/A
Label Makes the ICBM Missile a member of the selected number group Mode Change (Click) - Missile Group Number
Lock On Creates a "Homing ICBM Missile" that turns toward the nearest block with the specified Tag (time slider controls how long the Missile flies after launch before starting to seek the Tagged block) Time (Slider)

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