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Image Tile Name Description Parameter
Vanish Model HD.png
Hide Block/Model Hides the block/model Either block or model
Appear Model HD.png
Appear Block/Model Unhides the block/model Either block or model

All blocks have a hidden attribute.

Hide and Appear are General Actions that set this hidden attribute to true and false.

Usage[edit | edit source]

As an action[edit | edit source]

Hide makes the block hidden.

Appear makes the block not hidden.

As a condition[edit | edit source]

Hide is True if the block or model is hidden.

Appear is True if the block or model is not hidden.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Both Hide and Appear have a split-second delay during which the affected blocks can be seen shrinking/enlarging.
  • Hidden blocks are not visible.
  • Hidden blocks cannot be dragged.
  • Hidden blocks are automatically muted.
  • Hidden blocks do not collide. They can pass through other blocks and the terrain.
  • Being hidden or not hidden does not affect the mass of the block.

  • Completely hidden models cannot move, but partially hidden models can still move.
  • Hidden blocks cannot Unfreeze. (Possible bug?)

Warning[edit | edit source]

Making the model hide and the block appear simultaneously does not always produce desired results. Add a slight delay to the block appearing to prevent this. Or, if you just want that block to always be visible, put no input and then Appear (block only).

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