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Wheel Golden Wheel HD.png

The Golden Wheel is an Action Block that allows vehicles (and other creations) to move and turn.

What different then any other wheel is that it have the Shiny Texture applied to it when placed.


  • The Golden Wheel can be attached to other blocks by either of its axle posts.

  • If attached to a block, the Golden Wheel will spin on its axle. The axle attaches to its parent block and will not move.

  • When selected, the Golden Wheel's bounding box displays a white arrow. This indicates the forward direction of the Golden Wheel when placed in the world (or attached to a block).

  • By default, a placed Golden Wheel adds a Drive Scripting Tile to its Programming Window. On play, the Golden Wheel will move forward at a moderate Force value of 5. This default Tile can be replaced or modified by the user.

  • For some reason, the Golden Wheel middle part dispenser for unknown reason when you are in out of building mode.

List of Scripting Tiles

Image Tile Name Description Parameter
Reverse Powers the Golden Wheel in a reverse direction Force (Slider)
Drive Powers the Golden Wheel in a forward direction Force (Slider)
Turn Left Turns the Golden Wheel left to the specified angle limit Angle (Slider)
Turn Right Turns the Golden Wheel right to the specified angle limit Angle (Slider)


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