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Emitter Fire Volume Block HD.png

The Fire Jet Volume is an Action Block. Scaling the Fire Jet Volume defines a region that emits a stream of fire particles.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Fire Jet Volume can be attached to any other block using only one of its surfaces: its base. It can also be scaled on all three axes to any desired size and shape; fire particles will emit from the entire volume.

  • The color of the fire particles can be changed by painting the Fire Jet Volume.

  • The Fire Jet Volume's on/off state is fully programmable using its Programming Window - it can be set up to activate conditionally (when a control button is pressed, or only when inside a Trigger Volume, etc.

  • By default, a placed Fire Jet Volume adds a Freeze Scripting Tile and a Strength tile to its Programming Window. On play, the volume will be frozen in its world position, and fire will stream from the volume at a moderate power of 10. These default Tiles can be replaced or modified by the user.

List of Scripting Tiles[edit | edit source]

Image Tile Name Description Parameter
Strength Sets the overall power level of the Fire Jet Volume Power (Slider)
Spread Sets the amount of conical spread from the Fire Jet Volume Spread (Slider)
Angle Changes the direction of the Fire Jet Volume's fire streams Angle (Slider)

Usage[edit | edit source]

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