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Blocks are the basic building unit in Blocksworld. They are divided into several different categories, based on function and ability.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks are simple shapes used to create models. Examples include the Cube, the Wedge, and the Pyramid.

Action Blocks

Action Blocks add movement, rotation, or other special capabilities to models. Examples include the Motor, the Legs, and Wheels.

Action Blocks usually have associated Actions that allow users to program their behavior in the Behavior Window.


Props are blocks that represent a specific item. Examples include the Crate and Traffic Cone. Many can also be scaled or manipulated and used in new and unexpected ways.

Terrain Blocks

Terrain Blocks are pieces of terrain and landscape that allow builders to create new play areas, or expand upon existing template worlds. Special terrain blocks like the Water Block allow the user to place controllable volumes of water within a world.

Gear Blocks

Gear Blocks are items that can be attached to Blocksters. Examples include hats, swords, armor, and jewelry.